Benoni E. Knuckles

Commissioner Knuckles joined the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms on April 1, 2014.  With years of military experience, and academic background in Education, Theology, and Human Behavior Management, along with his hands-on approach, Knuckles brings a wealth of understanding, experience, commitment, and professionalism to the Commission.  He is driven to help secure peace in Liberia in the area of (arms) stockpile more


Commissioner BENNIETTA T. JARBO is an ECOWAS and UN trained Arms control Expert, a Researcher, a Trainer, Development Practitioner,  monitoring and evaluation skills, an Accountant, Administrator, Advocate for women's in Arms control, a Dedicated Public Servant   with twelve (12) years of professional experiences in Arms control and related issues at national and international levels and over 15 more