Chairman's Message

The Liberia National Commission on Small Arms was established by an Act of the Legislature in 2012 consistent with the wishes of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The Commission comprises of three Commissioners, one of whom is the Chair. It has a Secretariat, headed by a Coordinator. Additionally, members of all state security institutions, as well as the Liberia Revenue Authority, the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs,  & Education constitute what is equivalent to a Board of LINCSA. LINCSA’s major responsibility inter alia is to ensure the curtailment of the proliferation of illicit small arms, light weapons and their related material within the territorial confines of Liberia and beyond its border.

Since the assumption of office by Chairman Fromayan, the Commission has made some notable achievements such as the acquisition of a new office-thanks to the office of Madam President; the ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty by the Legislature –thus making Liberia a State Party to the ATT; and the passage into law of the  Firearms and Ammunition Control Act. Moreover, the Commission has marked nearly all state security institutions arms in line with the ECOWAS Convention on Small Arms & Light Weapons and their related materials.

The relevance of LINCSA should be seen against the backdrop of the Liberian civil crisis that led to the death of tens of thousands of our compatriots and the wanton destruction of individuals and state properties. It is the determination of the staff of LINCSA to ensure that the proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons is curtailed. This drive is undertaken in concert with other National Commissions on Small Arms in the sub-region by sharing information on the movement of such illicit arms.

The Commission is grateful to the Government of Liberia for its support. We also commend our partners: ECOWAS, the EU, UNDP, ICRC, the British Government, Safer World, UNMIL for the level of support given the Commission so far.

As we for the first time launch a website of our own, it is our utmost desire that the work of the Commission will be projected world-wide. On this note, I wish to welcome all to the LINSCA website.


James M. Fromayan